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Add architectural form to your garden this month with some ornamental grasses.

Throughout the seasons they display colourful and interesting foliage and swaying flower heads that last into winter.

In large borders, grasses can be planted in bold groups or striking drifts, but many varieties perform well in large patio pots, positioned where their individual shape and arching form can be fully appreciated.

Taller grasses also add movement to otherwise static displays, catching a summer breeze to add interest and catch the eye. Growing to around two metres in height, the bold form of Golden Oats (Stipa gigantea) is a real showstopper!

Top four ornamental grasses:

  •     Festuca
  •     Pennisetum
  •     Miscanthus
  •     Stipa

Top tips for planning and planting:

  •  Be generous and plant grasses in drifts or bold groups rather than as lonely individuals.
  • Grasses grow well in patio pots, but make sure tall varieties are planted in large, heavy pots to prevent them blowing over in strong winds.
  • Line terracotta pots with plastic from old compost bags to help conserve moisture.
  • The tops of some perennial, like miscanthus, die over winter. Promptly cut away all old growth to avoid damaging new shoots that start emerging in early spring.

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Written by Sarah Johnstone — August 31, 2016

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