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WE’RE stocking a new range of unique natural garden fertilisers from Old Mucker.

The new Old Mucker garden fertilisers come in hessian bags designed for suspending into watering cans.

Each bag is filled with one of four different dried products for specific areas of the garden. The bag is steeped in the can overnight, making a nutrient rich ‘tea’, which can then be poured onto the chosen area. It lasts for one month on a daily refill basis.

Made in Somerset, Old Mucker’s unique range of natural, biodegradable, sustainable fertilisers won’t harm people or the environment.

The products, which take inspiration from nettles, comfrey and good old-fashioned muck from the Somerset countryside, include Triple C, a classic comfrey cultivator, Triple M, mighty muck marvel, Triple N, a nourishing nettle nectar and Triple T, trusty tomato tonic.

All the Old Mucker products are available now.

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