Elsie & Fleur

Mother and baby bathing gift basket

Approx. W18cm x H12cm. This hand harvested gift basket, made by Nicky Lewis, contains four hand cut baby-shaped soaps, a hand knitted unbleached organic cotton wash cloth and a bar of extremely mild camomile soap, scented with organic camomile flowers in an olive and castor oil base.

This is the perfect gift for a new mother and baby/toddler and after the contents have been used the basket can be used as storage. It will look perfect in any home, complimenting both country and modern furnishings and decoration.

The basket is made from hand harvested, naturally dried English bulrushes sustainably sourced from spring fed ponds and pools in the Dorset countryside. The rushes are cut by hand and dried in the sunshine in August each year. They are then plaited and made into baskets during the autumn and winter.

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