Elsie & Fleur

Nanny’s Rustic Box

Small – L17cm x H8cm x D10.5cm - £13.99

Medium – L20cm x H10cm x D13.5cm - £17.99
Large – L23cm x H12cm x D16.5cm - £21.99
X-Large – L26cm x H13cm x D19.5cm - £28.99

A great gift for your special Nanny. A perfect keepsake box for photos, jewellery and mementos. It is decorated with dark green and white spotty ribbon and two small floral wooden buttons.

The wording on the box can be changed to Nan, Gran or Grandma’s Box.

As this is a personalised item when you get to the checkout there will be an option to leave the seller a note. Please fill this in with your specific requirements with reference to the wording on the box.

Hover over the product with your mouse to see it in more detail. Please note there may be a 10 day lead time on this product, as they are all made by hand. This product was made by the talented woodworker Jo Stephens.

To find out more about Jo, please click here.