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Old Mucker Triple C flowering plant feed

Bees love comfrey, gardeners even more so. This hessian bag filled with comfrey goodness will give a nourishing lift to all your flowering plants.

Comfrey is packed with potassium, the essential plant nutrient needed by flowers, seeds and fruit. Your container-grown flowering plants, hanging baskets, window boxes and troughs will all be delighted with this liquid feed and repay you with long-lasting vibrant flowers.

This product is designed to be kind to nature. The bag and all the packaging will biodegrade except the staples – most of the hessian bags are sourced from a coffee supplier so are recycled.

One bag per 8-10 litre watering can. Tie the bag to the handle of the watering can, making sure it hangs freely in the can. The bag is steeped in the can overnight, making a nutrient rich ‘tea’ which is poured onto the chosen area. It lasts for one month on a daily refill basis.

Size 15.5x12.5cm. Hover over the product with your mouse to see it in more detail.

This product was made by Deborah White. To find out more about Deborah, please click here


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